Jickow is back with his brand-new release ‘The Black Swan’ kicking off on an EP that consists of five consistently immaculate productions. Jickow’s release features alongside Bruno Longhitano’s ‘Empty Streets’, Darcy Stephens’ ‘Cloud Dreaming’, KellAr’s ‘Feather’ and Cyantist’s ‘Onism’ which make up this well-rounded anthem and showcases their disparate but equal talents as Producers. Jickow’s career came to fruition in Southern France, where he took off after developing his name working at the core of the nightlife scene backed by a string of impressive releases that improved his visibility in the industry. Since, he has developed ties with talented figureheads in his domain like Pleasurekraft, Oxia, and Lee Van Dowski. He has since been labelled as the ‘top 100 most influential people of the Belgian night’ by Word Magazine. Jickow is definitely cementing his place in the industry with an unstoppable work ethic and the backing of multiple well-established record labels. 

Jickow’s production of ‘The Black Swan’ takes an ominous path with a throbbing bassline from the get-go that instantly sets the pace for the rest of the song. Once the prominent kick drum takes effect, Jickow seamlessly blends flurries of dark atmospheric FX that fill the soundscape which contrasts with the incredible work of the high-end fleeting synths drenched in reverb that float around in the opposite end of the spectrum for the ultimate listening experience. The bass gives way for a breath of fresh air as the kicks and basslines pause and all aspects of the song are stripped back to highlight the inimitable synths before the snares fade in and out from the sides in a dizzying manner in time for the drop where the energy quickly changes pace and the kick drum commences again as we are thrown back into the full swing of the song.

With this new release, it is clear to see that Jickow takes the time and consideration to produce a sound that he believes in which sticks true to his authentic name and incredible talent as a Producer. Jickow is providing us with some of the richest and unique sounds in the industry and as a result, there is no doubt that Jickow is growing to be one of the best in his domain.

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