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‘Industria’ by Sonomancer Is The Definitive Tribute To Rave

Sonomancer Industria

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Sonomancer releases their brand new single, ‘Industria,’ accompanied by a music video portraying vintage footage from raves from the ’90’s.

Industria captures the rave vibe in a slightly more experimental way. The video that comes with the single is trip down memory lane. Oh how those raves were awesome back then! This is stuff for fans of Orbital, Leftfield and The Prodigy!

Sonomancer prefers for their music to speak for itself – not giving too much away about their persona, Sonomancer is relying entirely on the music they are producing to resonate with fans, with the desire to create ever more elaborate soundscapes motivating them. Unlike anything on this Earth, Sonomancercannot be compared, but takes inspiration from rave masters, The Prodigy, along with legendary ’90’s outfits, Orbital and Leftfield.


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